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For the last few months, on Saturday afternoons when temps stay below freezing, F accompanies me at the dog park. Sometimes with three kids it feels difficult to carve out time for each one. So even if we just go for 45 minutes or so, all week I find myself looking forward to these days alone with F. The problem being F always wants to take all the dogs home with us.

Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to click over to Cherish This Day, each and every photo this week is amazing.


* Everybody knows this is nowhere.

* Niagara Falls is completely frozen.

* DC Restaurants are all over the list of James Beard Award semifinalists.

* With all the cold weather lately, DC could use one of these.

* Just some squirrels making snowballs.

* If you have a child who will be in fourth grade next year, this is the BEST NEWS EVER. Let the vacation planning begin!!

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