Things to Watch - Netflixing (February 2015)

February is always so long (yes, I know that technically this isn't the case, but it sure SEEMS long). So I figured I'd spend some time revisiting the classics. And here they are:


1. Y Tu Mama Tambien - I pretty much love everything about this movie. I love how it starts flippant and ends heavy. I love the unseen narrator's random segways into the lives of minor characters. I love Gael Garcia Bernal. I love roadtrips and camping on the beach. And I love how the movie makes you feel like you're on the roadtrip itself, traveling through small Mexican towns. Warning - this movie begins with a graphic sex scene and contains many more, it is not IN ANY WAY family movie material.

2. City of God - For a movie with such an incredibly depressing plot - a Brazilian ghetto taken over by children (as in YOUNG CHILDREN) with machine guns - this film is incredibly easy to watch (not an easy task).

3. Pretty In Pink - I love Molly Ringwald. I love John Hughes. And Duckie!! Especially Duckie dancing to Otis Redding. And then Ringwald makes her prom gown out of thrift store leftovers. And she looks so gorgeous next to all the other girls in their boring pastel dresses, especially with OMD playing in the background. This movie is pretty much perfect.

4. Almost Famous - I have no idea what it feels like to be a groupie. Especially in 1973. But whenever I wonder, I play this movie. Kate Hudson's Penny Lane is so wonderful to watch, vulnerable but confident. And the scene where the whole band sings Tiny Dancer on the tour bus? It's like nostalgia for something I've never even experienced.

5. Food Inc. - This movie completely changed how I see the food I eat (or, often, try not to eat). Grocery stores now seem like dangerous places.

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