Things to Do - At Home Photo Booth (Sort of)


I usually shoot all photos with natural light, but over the past few weeks I've taken Michelle Turner's EXCELLENT off camera flash class through Clickin Moms. So I decided to set up a "photo booth" in the corner (yes, I need more blank walls) so the kids could pose with their friends and I could practice working with flash.

These images make me happy. And every Wednesday needs some happiness.


Of course, once you GIF one friend, you have to GIF another . . .


  1. waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute! you used a off camera flash here?? but it looks totally like natural light!!!!!! aaaaaaaah THIS is my next class! This this this!!! Love the gif photo. ADORABLE. I need to do a BFF photo series of my daughter and her best pal, I've been wanting to do that for ages!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these! I'll bet they had so much fun during this mini session, too!! Love the GIF! :)



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