Things to Do - BUCKET LIST (Spring - Early Autumn 2015)

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Because soon it will be warm, right?


* High tea - though I'm not sure where. Two years ago I took my mom and the kids to high tea at Pentagon City Ritz Carlton and the pastries were sub-par (despite the high price tag). So what restaurant/hotel does a better job?

* Visit the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery's Portraiture Now exhibit.

* Medieval Times - T keeps asking to go again.

* Man Ray at the Phillips Collection.

* Snow painting (if it snows again).

* Go to a trampoline park.

* Go to a climbing gym.


* Bike and Roll DC - We "won" tickets at the school auction. Apparently, young children can ride behind on tandems or trailers, so the whole family can go.

* T REALLY wants to take a boat ride.

* We haven't visited the National Arboretum in years. This needs to change.

* Huntley Meadows - I love this place.

* Claude Moore Colonial Farm's Market Fair - T keeps asking us when this will finally open.

* Plant a garden - This needs to happen.

* More freezer paper stenciling.

* Spend a Saturday at the National Cathedral playground (everyone says this place is awesome, but we've never visited).

* Visit the Library of Congress - F really really wants to do this.

* Run a 5K as a family (every since F finished Girls on the Run, she has been asking to run in more organized races). I've heard that Crystal City Fridays are pretty easy to navigate. Any other race ideas?


* Roller coasters - either Six Flags or Kings Dominion.

* A National's Game

* Flag Ponds Nature Center and/or Calvert Cliffs - 1.5 hours and you're at the beach. Plus, the water feels like bath water.

* Check out the view from the top of the Washington Monument.

* Luray Caverns - another place we've never visited.

* See Taylor Swift live - Um, P added this to the list. Tickets cost $135 per person. We will see.

* Plant a tree - P added this too and we actually need a backyard tree.

* See a play - F's addition to the list.

* Make a play - This is how P tries to one-up F.

* Learn how to sew - P keeps asking.

* Visit the Museum of Crime and Punishment (I hesitate to put this on the list because I find the glamorization of violence and sociopaths gory and wrong, but we visited last summer and T still talks about it constantly).

* Go to a waterpark (suggestions on which one???)

* Tie dye t-shirts.

* Day hikes at Potomac Overlook Regional Park as well as try new hikes in Best Hikes with Kids: Washington D.C.: The Beltway & Beyond

* Spend some time in the trees at the Sandy Springs Adventure Park (love this place!!)


* Camp and canoe on the Shenandoah River (rafting was awesome, so now we need to up our game).

* Hershey Park (we've never visited before, but since the kids now love roller coasters, I think we need to check it out)

* Harpers Ferry (every year we talk about going and then we never make it). Ideally, I'd love to spend one day touring the town and one day rafting on the river.

* Return to Cape Charles, VA (my new favorite place in the world, we LOVED this little town).

* Go back country camping (with or without the kids).

* A weekend beach trip to Chincoteague island (ever since I read this article, I've really wanted to go).

* Busch Gardens and Jamestowne (we've toured Colonial Williamsburg twice but we've never made it to Jamestowne).

* Visit my friend Jenny in Queens, NYC.


* Irving Penn (YAY!!) at the Smithsonian American Art museum

* Find a mud run we can participate in as a family.


  1. recommend climbzone.us for a climbing gym. So cooL!

  2. https://prracing.enmotive.com/calendar
    They also have some 1 mile and 1/2 races for the younger set. It is always fun to see how everyone dresses for the theme runs. Enjoy!


  3. Great list! We are in Bethesda, so I always like to see what you come up with. We started indoor rock climbing this winter at Earth Treks in Rockville. I know that's kind of a haul for you, but it was great. If you can get a few families together, it's actually more cost-effective and fun to book a party -- you get two instructors and a reserved climbing space. We found that everyone got to climb a lot more that way (for less $$) than during "open climb." Also, for tea, maybe the Willard? My Scottish friend takes her mom there every time she visits from Scotland. So that must mean something, right?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! This is exactly the type of info that we needed. Now I need to book the Willard!

  5. Oh, this bucket list might as well be mine :-) We've done a lot of things on it already and there is still plenty to do! I highly recommend camping at Assateague Island (oceanside!! (bay side is terrible due to mosquitos).

    Rock Climbing - Vertical Rock in Manassas is AMAZING! Everyone there from staff to people that climb are wonderful, welcoming and encouraging - from newborns to infinity...

    There is an Ice Cream 5K in June in Bull Run park, my 6 year old also enjoyed ColorVibe.



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