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One of my goals for 2015 is to take more photos of the kids with their grandparents. Dan's parents and my mom are such a big part of our lives, but I rarely photograph the moments the kids spend with them (probably because I'm so happy to let the grandparents take over the children while I zone out/sleep/read my book on the couch). Anyways, here are some photos of our recent trip to Richmond.

If you have a chance, don't forget to check out Cherish This Day & The Stories We Tell, both of which have amazing group posts today.


* The Best Feminist Books for Young Readers.

* These are my absolute favorite sweatshirts in the world (and they're super cheap).

* This list is making me really want to vacation in Philly this summer.

* Female Supreme Court Justice legos.

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Grandma Margie's art studio always brings the fun. In case you're wondering, T's wearing his homemade Santa Clause mask, with a beard, of course.

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Coco was welcomed on a trial basis, during which she broke out of her crate, ate a full vacuum cleaner bag (off of the vacuum cleaner), and trashed the laundry room. F**cking dog.

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The kids hoped that writing a schedule for Coco might improve her behavior.

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F made mashed potatoes, Grandma Margie taught the youngest two kids to knit, and Dan debated politics with his dad.

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The kids learned how to play spades, Dan could not be happier.

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And, somewhat miraculously, my children all got along (for the most part).


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  1. I love these photos, and I love your goal of taking more photos with the grandparents. I so need to do that!

    Thank you for sharing the feminist reading list. My youngest discovered the Zita series and I've been looking for other good ones for my girls.



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