Things to Do - 10 Things I Like (November 2015)


I don't often write about material possessions on this blog. Partially because I really believe in the motto, "buy experiences not things" (hence why I'm always saving every spare dime for another vacation). And partially because when the kids were little our life suddenly seemed to explode with things (strollers, car seats, random plastic toys, etc.) and I felt no need to celebrate this proliferation of stuff.

But lately I've spent a lot of time editing photos and the last thing I feel like blogging is more photos. Plus, there are some things that make me happy, so why not organize them into a photoshop collage?

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!! What are some of your favorite fall purchases?

1. I love this skirt. I love almost all of Metaformose's clothes (which are handmade to order for (somewhat) reasonable prices). I still haven't purchased anything else, but I keep browsing, esp. the coats. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a winter coat fitted perfectly for your body?

2. For the past few years we went through paper towels at breakneck speeds. It seemed like every time I blinked we needed another roll. Besides the environmental cost, they're a pain to buy/carry (so bulky). So when I read about these super absorbent kitchen towels(through epicurious) I decided to buy some. We now own over 50. For dinner parties, we'll use new ones as napkins and once they're soiled we'll throw the used ones in the laundry with other clothes. They're crazy absorbant in that one towel can handle almost any spill. Plus now we go through paper towels at a much slower pace.

3. It's butternut squash season, so I'm glad I own these ceramic knives. Perfect for cutting squashes, veggies, and fruits.

4. This is the perfect overnight lotion for dry, cold skin. And it's not super expensive.

5. I've been searching for years for the perfect camera bag and I've finally found it. Kelly Moore's Collins bag works great as a purse and/or camera bag. Plus, it can hold extra stuff on top (like when the kids all decide they're hot and hand me three hoodies).

6. I'm a Fitbit addict. I love that I no longer have to log onto a phone to check my steps.

7. I'm usually a black leggings type of girl, but every time I wear these super loud workout pants they make me smile.

8. I always buy these notebooks in bulk. They're cheap, durable, and perfect for jotting down notes/ideas/random observations.

9. I've been looking for a replacement for my Toms for awhile now, something with a little more support. These Sabah shoes are a little pricey, but they feel wonderful to wear and they look great with jeans. I want a few more pairs in different colors.

10. Another new shoe purchase - the slipper that becomes a shoe. It's so cheesy, but so comfy. I almost never take mine off.


  1. FUN. yah i'm tired of dealing with photos on the blog right now too - i'm loving instagram so much tho, are you on there???? i've made no fun fall purchases. i bought a book and THEN LOST IT in the grocery store, can you believe? I really want a poncho, a cute soft one that I can throw on over any long sleeve shirt, and it would be like wearing a cozy blanket all the time!

  2. Love the favorites post! I was just thinking about the mass quantities of paper towels that we seem to go through, too! The towels that you recommend might be a great solution for us.
    My friend showed me her FitBit Charge and I love how you can see your step count. I have a Flex and will be thinking about this option when it's time to upgrade!!



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