Things to Do - Grateful List (October 2015) & Cherish This Day

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Just a few photos from our trip to Manassas Battlefield Park. Now that the weather has become colder, I like to remember October days so warm that the kids complained about the heat.

Happy Weekend everyone! Don't forget to click on over and see this week's awesomeness on Cherish This Day.

* Listening to the Essential Van Morison on rainy days
* Watching Iris (Netflix streaming)
* Watching the Martian in 3D as a family (so good!)
* Attending Josh Ritter's concert at Lincoln Theater for date night (totally obsessed with his new song, "Getting Ready to Get Down")
* Attending Ester Bubley's exhibit at the National Museum of Women and the Arts
* Attending Synetic Theater's production of Alice and Wonderland with the girls
* Reading My Documents (esp. Memories of a Personal Computer)
* Reading Mislaid
* Watching Goosebumps at the theater for F's birthday party/sleepover
* Watching Trainwreck at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse for datenight
* Watching the Bourne Identiy for family movie night and T saying "I would go with him too. I like to live on the edge." (though really this was more of a WTF moment)
* Reading Elizabeth Bishop's travel poem

* Manassas Battlefield Park on Columbus Day (Cox Farms was too crowded)
* Claude Moore's Colonial Market fair as a family
* Mom's weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
* An empty Tuesday at Cox Farms

* Tupelo Honey for Liz's b-day (so good)!
* Trader Joe's Harvest Blend herbal tea
* Taylor Gourmet's fall salads
* Apple cake (recipe from Date Night In)

* My new Sabah shoes
* My new Mahabis slipper/shoes

* T's reading recovery program (T has fallen a bit behind on reading so every morning he goes to school half an hour early to work one-on-one with a reading specialist, and we're amazed at how much progress he's made).
* Isla hugs at pick up & feeding the turtles with Isla at Longbranch Nature Center (I babysit a toddler for a few hours a week and she's so much fun!)
* T constantly saying, "If anyone needs me I'll be in the front yard." (What does he do there for hours a day?)
* T reading us books every night
* F's birthday shopping spree at Barnes and Noble
* A great family game of Settlers of Catan after a miserable Columbus Day weekend
* F's love of safety patrol
* An old man, a cowgirl, and a fortune teller for Halloween
* SO MUCH WORK - a wedding, a baby, an engagement, headshots, and five family photoshoots
* T, when he sees anyone resting on a bed, yelling "snugglefest!" and attacking
* Dan killed two deer this season. According to Dan, "nothing makes me feel better than when the butcher asks if I'm picking up or dropping off and I reply 'both'".


F - theater club, Garfield comics, Ramona Quimbly, fuzzy robes, laughing about my posed smile, Happy when she's Happy, dinner at my cousins' house

P - my Minion, playdates, sleepovers, my teacher, a bunch of stuff, sports, socializing

T - game day at school, playdates with Graham and Ian, playing tennis with dad, watching westerns with dad, Cox farms

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