Things to Do/Make - Everyday Advent Calendar (2015)


So I went a little overboard on the Countdown to Christmas this year (click here to see countdowns from years' past). But I love the daily presents. Plus, this year I bought a lot of new boardgames that we could all play together.

December 1 (Tuesday) - Family PJs from Old Navy and Gap (I love their 50% off sales, which occur frequently this year).

December 2 (Wednesday) - Coloring books and new markers (Colour Me Swiftly (Colour Me Good); Kid's Coloring Book: Fun Minecraft Drawings for Kids; Unicorns Are Jerks: a coloring book exposing the cold, hard, sparkly truth)

December 3 (Thursday) - We can't find our Monopoly game (seriously, how is it possible to lose a Monopoly game?), so I decided to upgrade to a new, fancy edition - Monopoly Here & Now Game

December 4 (Friday) - Ballet Nova's the Nutcracker with the girls(T and Dan watch a western).

December 5 (Saturday) - Money for the Gifts that Give Hope Gift Fair

December 6 (Sunday) - Cut down our Xmas tree

December 7 (Monday) - Family movie night, Elf

December 8 (Tuesday) - New books (For P - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; For F - The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A with 50 fact-filled maps!; For T -
; Arnie, the Doughnut (The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut)

December 9 (Wednesday) - Make wassail

December 10 (Thursday) - Hot chocolate with marshmallows

December 11 (Friday) - New Game - Splendor Board Game

December 12 (Saturday) - Make teachers' gifts (homemade decorated mugs filled with hot coco mix).

December 13 (Sunday) - Make cookies


December 14 (Monday) - Family movie night, Meet Me in Saint Louis

December 15 (Tuesday) - New game - Lost Cities - The Board Game

December 16 (Wednesday) - Mustaches - 36 Pack Fake Mustache Mustaches Novelty & Toy 36pk -Orange By Allures & Illusions

December 17 (Thursday) - Star Wars premiere

December 18 (Friday) - Check out the lights at this house (one of the top 15 most decked out homes in America).

December 19 (Saturday) - New books - The Imaginary World Of...for P; 642 Things to Write About: Young Writer's Edition - for F; I Really Like Slop! (An Elephant and Piggie Book) - for T

December 20 (Sunday) - The Extraordinaires Design Studio Deluxe Edition Game, Aqua Blue

December 21 (Monday) - Coup (The Dystopian Universe)

December 22 (Tuesday) - Poemotion 1 (awesome book of optical illusions)

December 23 (Wednesday) - Hanabi Card Game

December 24 (Thursday) - Family movie night, It's A Wonderful Life


  1. Get OUT. you are the best, girlfriend! LOVE this! Just added 2 games to my cart, the Lost Cities and Splendor. I was agonizing over what new games to add to our pile this season. I love this list so much.



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