Things to Watch - Netflixing (February 2016)

February seems so long. Here is what we've been watching, but I could use some suggestions. Anyone??


* We just finished Season 1 of Better Call Saul and I'm so sad it's over. Dan was a huge Breaking Bad fan, but I found the show a little too uncomfortable. Luckily Saul is much funnier than Breaking Bad. And he's a lawyer, reminding me that I used to be a lawyer too. I loved the first season.

* I read about Meet the Patels a few months ago when it was still in theaters. The movie - about a 30-something-Indian/American trying to find a wife - is slow at times. But also funny. The film does a great job capturing the push and pulls between the country your parents came from and the country you were born in.


* The final season of Jessie needed binge-watching (of course).

* They also love watching Total Drama, a cartoon poking fun at reality shows.

* And Johnny Test continues to be a big hit as well.


* We all really enjoy this PBS show called How We Got to Now, which made me appreciate so much of everyday life - like sewers and clocks that correctly reflect the time.

* I tried to watch Clueless with the kids during the snow day, but had to work instead. Oh well, at least they liked it.

[Disclaimer- I receive compensation for posting about Netflix, but I decide what I want to write about and what I want to say.]


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