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Sorry for the radio silence lately. How I've missed this space. And I had so many fun things to share. But last week both my computers died (the old iMac and the new iMac), so I haven't been able to post anything.

The last 12 days have been a tornado of genius bar appointments, calls with Applecare and multi-day hardware fixes that didn't work. And then yesterday, I learned that the continual crashing of my new iMac may have caused my external hard drive to corrupt - where I store all my photos and my lightroom catalog (yes, I know I should have backed it up, but since both computers had so many issues I could never keep the computers from crashing for long enough to backup the drive). I find out today what it will cost to save my external (they said anywhere from $200 to $2000).

And then there's all this f***ing rain.

Always, that's enough ranting. I want to keep this space happy and positive. So have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day!!


* Have you seen this music video yet? It made me smile.

* Doesn't this photography/fiction book look really cool?

* Photoshopped movie stills with guns replaced by selfie sticks. THESE ARE AWESOME!!!

* The five big spring books.

* If I can get myself together, I might try and make this over the weekend.

* The busy person's lies. Interesting, I wonder if time tracking would just make me more frustrated about mind-numbing tasks (dish washing, standing in line, buying the same groceries week after week, driving kids around, etc.) or if it would help me appreciate the time I do have.

* This videogame looks beautiful and fun.

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  1. GAH I am SO sorry you're dealing with all of this!!!! Hope it all resolves soon.



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