Things to Do - Grateful List (April 2016)

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May has been so rainy and cold that it seems impossible to believe that April was gorgeous (so. so. long ago.). Oh well, have a great weekend everyone! I love this photo of my favorite 4 year old tomboy rocking her short hair and flying a helicopter. Sometimes you have to hang out with a preschooler to remember how ridiculous gender stereotypes really are.

Happy Friday everyone! Don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day!

* Reading Doris Lessing's The Fifth Child
* Reading Marilyn French's The Women's Room
* Reading Edna O'Brien's The Country Girls Trilogy
* Listening to Nina Simone
* Attending Father John Misty's concert with Colleen
* Watching Malcom in the Middle as a family (esp. season 7, episode 1 - the burning man episode, now the kids really want to go!!)

* Tail Up Goat with Shannon
* Making bee sting cake
* Gwyneth's new cookbook - It's All Easy - esp. almond citrus overnight oats and cauliflower tabouli

* Parents' night out on Columbia Pike during this crazy early spring
* Sunday morning family dog walks on the trail next to Longbranch
* A gorgeous Monday (school holiday) at Flag Ponds Nature Park with friends
* Learning about turtle rescues at Long Branch Nature Center with Isla

* Orange Theory three times a week and running with Kelly
* Cleaning out our old books (finally!)
* My new office!
* F writing a novel/short story about four friends
* P to T, "You'll never go first, I called dibs on everything on the day I was born."
* The kids' excitement over making Musicly videos with their friends (though I know I'll tire of it soon)
* Dinner club at Kelly's (steaks on the grill)

VACATION (weekend in Chicago with Dan)
* Drinks and dinner on Friday and Saturday night with high school friends
* Van Gogh's bedrooms at the Art Institute with my mom (though I'm still not sure why we waited in line to see three virtually identical paintings next to each other on a wall)
* Watching Naked and Afraid marathons in the hotel room while Dan worked (he had a big trial that week)


F - a nice house to live in and food to eat, my family, that everything is so great

P - fantasy and comic books, chocolate, Coco and Happy, a lot of stuff that I don't want to tell you, playgrounds, hugs

T - soccer practice, my teachers, that grandma visited, craft projects with grandma, that you're back home from Chicago, that an author came to my school and gave me a book, swim lessons, Happy, Coco, family night, that today was a half day

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