Things to Watch - 10 Great Family Movies on Netflix Streaming

1. The Princess Bride - I really can't think of a much better family movie - kids love it, adults love it. Hating The Princess Bride is inconceivable. [Common Sense media age rating - 8+]

2. ET - Oh, the nostalgia. Everyone has to see this movie at least once in their lives, so why not see it as a family? [Common sense media age rating - 7+]

3. Adventures in Babysitting - Whenever my kids watch Adventures in Babysitting (yes, we've seen it multiple times) they talk about how dangerous life was before cellphones. Elizabeth Shue singing the Babysitting Blues might be my favorite movie scene ever. [Common sense media age rating - 12+]

4. To Kill a Mockingbird - Because Atticus Finch is awesome and racism is not. And kids are always confused/fascinated by the fact that movies used to be in black and white. [Common sense media age rating - 12+]

5. Minions - In case your family needs to laugh together. Over and over again. [Common sense media age rating - 5+]

6. Legally Blond - Although this comedy is a little tongue and cheek, I love the message to believe in one's self and not to cave to society's expectations of who or what you should be (though be careful, there's some adult content in this one). [Common sense media age rating - 13+]

7. The Truman Show - F loves this movie, making me super happy that Netflix added it to streaming. A great introduction to what "real" means, especially in this age of digital fakeness. [Common sense media age rating - 10+]

8. Hoodwinked - Dan and his brother both insist that this is the funniest animated movie ever made. [Common sense media age rating - 7+]

9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Because kids need to see films that pass the Bechtel test (and there aren't that many of them). Plus, the views of Greece are incredible (and made me want to travel). [Common sense media age rating - 12+]

10. Blackfish - Kids need to learn that adults/corporations/theme parks don't always tell the truth. Hence sometimes you need to dig deeper and ask hard questions in order to learn the "real story". [Common sense media age rating - 14+, mainly because the depressing theme - whales mistreated in captivity - may be hard for young kids to handle.]


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