Things to Do - 15 Cures for Summer Boredom


1. Giant unicorn pool float. Because unicorns. (Though I must warn you THIS THING IS HUGE, we can't even fit it in our car, it has to sit on the roof).

2. Flamingo pool float. To keep the unicorn company.

3. Ogosport Disc Game. Somehow this game is both tricky and addictive at the same time.

4. Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids - I read about this on Flash Bug Studio's blog and it sounded perfect for summer vacation.

5. Ms. Marvel, Volume 1. Just like Squirrel Girl, these books feature a female superhero (yay progress!) who is apparently awesome.

6. Car in a can. A remote control car for under $10? How cool is that?

7. Rad American Women A-Z. Because feminism.

8. Kan Jam - My kids play this at school and insist that it's crazy fun, so we bought our own set for the summer.


9. Sphero. Kids need to code. So let's make it fun.

10. Banish Boredom - My friend Rebecca, from Not-So-SAHM, wrote a book that sounds amazing, I can't wait to read it!!

11. Walkie Talkies. The only way to make children think it's cool that you know where they are.

12. Bunch of balloons. So many balloons so fast. Call their friends, it's time for battle.

13. The Ruth Badar Ginsburg coloring book. Because feminism.

14. Stratos Spheres Board Game - Three Dimensional tic-tac-toe. Awesomeness.

15. The Forest Feast for Kids - P keeps saying how she wants to learn to cook this summer, so this seemed like the perfect book (ha! I rhyme).

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