Things to Do - Cherish This Day & Grateful List (May 2016)

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As I've mentioned previously, May really wasn't a great month (SO. MUCH. RAIN.). But there were a few highlights . . .

Have a great weekend (we still have ONE MORE WEEK left of school) and don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day!

* Watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 2 on Netflix.
* Attending Collected Stories (the play) with Lola at Four Mile Run theater
* Attending Edward Sharpe's concert at Wolftrap with Colleen
* Attending Josh Ritter's concert in Charlottesville with Dan
* Reading Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook

* Dan buying me Sugar Shack donuts and tons of Honest Tea for Mothers' Day

* F's fourth grade trip to Williamsburg, even in the rainy, cold we still had a (somewhat) good time.

* Clean Reserve Discovery Layering set (fragrance kit)
* My new (much needed) red Hunter boots
* My new Boden dress
* CC Cream/Foundation from Mary Kay

* Coming home to Liz's happy hour after three hours standing in the rain at Colonial Williamsburg
* Three great report cards (straight As for P and F; T doesn't receive grades yet but had wonderful comments)
* Lots of OT, kickboxing, and yoga
* Shine workshop with Cathi at Journey Yoga
* F's spring concert (she participated in: chorus, music makers, bucket brigade, and the flute)
* T and his friends making the fort into a police station - complete with a kitchen, jail, and shooting range
* A gorgeous outdoor moms' wine night at Megan's in-between rain storms
* Second shooting a wedding with Brandon Hunter
* P - "I don't understand how T's a leader among his group of friends. Who would want to follow T?"

VACATION (Our 4th annual trip to the Outer Banks, NC for the week after Memorial Day)
* Date night in Charlottesville on the way to Nags Head (my in-laws watched the kids) - Josh Ritter in concert and sangria outside!
* Gorgeous weather on days 1 and 2, even though storms were all around us (they just skipped over Nags Head)
* T FINALLY loving the pool (and never wanting to get out)
* "The world needs ditch diggers too" - wow can our boys make a major hole
* Chris's mixtape
* Playing in the waves with the kids
* Janet's sangria on the beach
* Watching Isla and Luke's best friendship (the youngest kids need to stick together)
* Dan finally realizing that Happy is a great dog

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