The Perfect Gift - Pinhole Press Magnets for Mothers' Day

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Can you believe Mothers' Day is only 2.5 weeks away? Neither can I. (Actually I can't believe May is only a week away, but that's a whole other conversation).

Anyways, moms love photos. (Actually doesn't everyone love photos?). So in honor of the holiday, I ordered magnet sets from Pinhole Press for my mom and MIL (family members - sorry for the spoiler). And since I didn't want to be left out of the mix, I ordered my own set as well (everyone's magnets are customized for them with different photos).

I love the white borders and the square size. Like instagram coming alive. Well, better than that.

Anyways, as cheesy as it sounds, having some of my favorite recent photos on my refrigerator is making me super happy these days. Friends have even commented about how awesome they look. And they're only $24.99 a set (total deal!).

So go buy some. Really. Now. (Click here for the link).

(This post was sponsored by Pinhole Press, but the creative input is all me, as are the opinions expressed.)

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  1. Just ordered!!! My mom and MIL and aunty will LOVE!!!!



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