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Happy Friday everyone! Last week we picnicked at Hains Point (under the Cherry Blossoms) and I took the above photo of the kids. F's feminist t-shirts continue to become more creative (love this one in particular). If you have a chance, don't forget to check out this week's awesome in 5 Hours Til' Bedtime!


* The Anonymous Women: Picturing Domesticity and Identity.

* Loving the new Bleachers' single.

* Question marks.

* Think like a bronze medalist, not silver.

* Millennials of New York. Funny. (“The Trump campaign has a lot in common with the tattoo of Tila Tequila I got in college – at first it was supposed to be ironic, but everyone stopped finding it funny after a couple of weeks, and now there is nothing I can do to get rid of it.”)

* A day in the life, toddler style.

* 12 great parks around Washington D.C.

* This archive is a little overwhelming.

* A parents' guide to the mysterious teenager.

* The most famous book that takes place is every state.

* I find this fascinating.

* Is anyone else enthralled with S-Town (I binge listened in two days)?

* I love that Cup of Jo featured a trans woman in its Beauty Uniform column.

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