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Happy Friday everyone! I feel like I'm still recovering from spring break. And now with soccer starting on Saturday, the pace just isn't going to slow down. On the upside, we had a great week off - I attended an amazing photography workshop in North Carolina and then I picked up the kids and we headed to Sandbridge beach and spent a few days with a house full of friends.

If you have a chance, a great new post is up on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime - click here to check us out!!


* The most underrated places in every state.

* This is the coolest elopement ever. 30% discount if anyone ever wants to elope in the woods with me (that sounds wrong, but hopefully you know what I mean)!

* Is anyone else excited for hives in DC this summer?

* Speaking of DC, Kidfriendly DC has a fantastic post on recreation on the water in the city and surrounding areas.

* Fascinating article - "As I thumbed toward the top of the screen, I had the disconcerting sense of watching a life become a life-style brand."

* 10 shows you should be watching but aren't. I'm looking for a new binge-worthy tv show, any suggestions?

* I want to read this book.

* Have you seen the new commercial about working moms? Truth?

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  1. LOVE LOVE the underated places article - THANKS! I believe I have all my vacations planned for the next 10 years! LOL

    LOVE that commercial too. Although toss a few kids in there and see how crazy it can really get, as you know!



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