Places to Go - Burke Nursery's Pumpkin Playground (Burke, VA)


Tuesday started out as a blah day. First of all, we had to take P to the doctor for her asthma, which always makes me sad (I know a ton of other parents have had to face the same issue, but it's really scary when your kid can't breathe). Then T cried all morning. And one of F's headbands broke (always a tragedy). I wanted to quit.

So when my friend called me asking to go to Burke Nursery's Pumpkin Playground, I was ready for just about anything that would get me out of the house and around other adults. Luckily, Burke's Pumpkin Playground was so awesome (yes, I'm in my thirties and I still use the word awesome, it's a sad state of affairs), that we ended up spending all afternoon there. It is VERY VERY similar to Cox Farms, but on a much smaller scale, making it much more manageable if you have multiple small children. As with Cox, there are slides, a rope swing, a haunted forest hayride, petting zoo, etc. Burke also has these large tubes that kids can roll down a small hill in (the older kids could have spent all day in these). For T, the biggest hit was those riding machines they usually have in malls (you know the type, they sort of gyrate), anyways they had tons of these (a carousel, horses, a car, a motorcyle, etc.) all FOR FREE. the kids could just push the button again and again. They also have food and pumpkins and tons of cheesy decorations. Totally worth the $9 admission ($12 on weekends). But it closes after Halloween, so if you're interested, you need to get there asap.

Have a great holiday everyone! Don't eat too much candy! I'll be back on Monday.

If you need some inspiration, this 8 year old boy's description of fall is just too perfect. Plus, his mom's pictures are pretty amazing as well.



  1. Sorry to hear about P! I can't believe those riding toys are free, Soren would love it. Maybe we'll come visit next year around this time. I love the picture of T in the turquoise window and P on the swing. Miss you!

  2. Miss you too! You should totally come visit around this time! We would love it!

  3. So wish that we had gone there this year! I heard about this place, but their website is not so good and it didn't convince me. I wish that it was open past this weekend. Next year!

  4. Hello there, I am a fellow BYW student and as I was looking over all the things I had missed on the course, I noticed your comment in my mailbox. I'm glad you enjoyed the post on 'Guerrilla Knitting', it was fun to research.

    It looks like your children had a fun autumn day and your photos are great. Those are the kind of days that make the best memories.

    I adore your header and Blog title! I made the same promise to my oldest once upon a time and from experience I can tell you that making sure that there are 'no monsters under the bed' is something you will find yourself always doing, even when your children no longer worry about the unknowns. It is not for them that you make that security check for as they get older they no longer seek that reassurance, but we, as moms, still need to seek that certainty that all is well and that nothing will 'go bump in the night'. Call it an occupational hazard ...

    By the way, "Alice Munro, Grey and Flat Shoes" are also part of my little pleasures in life.

    Enjoy today's Spookfest with your little Munchkins!



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