Places to Go - The National Mall Carousel (Washington D.C.)

The National Mall Carousel

The Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

Lately, we've been going on a lot of adventures with friends. Which is great, but sometimes it's nice to have a little time exploring with just me and the kids, especially since none of my children have preschool on Tuesdays. The girls love the ridiculously overpriced National Mall carousel ($2.50 per person) and I love the Hirshhorn sculpture gardens (perhaps my favorite place in DC) and since they're next to each other, the combo makes for a pretty wonderful "family" day (minus poor Dad, who has to work all the time lately). Plus, the Smithsonian gardens in front of the "castle" have several lovely fountains. Unlike everywhere else on the National Mall, there's almost always two-hour paid parking in front of the Hirshhorn (plus, no need to carry change anymore, with the new credit cards meters).

We also used this opportunity to try out T's backpack/leash for the first time. I actually bought the backpack for P when she was about two years old, but the only person she would let "walk" her was F, and a three year old walking a two year old makes for some SLOW GOING. Luckily, T seemed to love his little backpack. Well, at least for the first hour. and it did make is slightly easier to keep everyone together. Slightly being the key word.


I love watching the kids when they all play together - hugging, swinging on poles (clean your minds people), running like airplanes, and checking out the fall leaves.



  1. Have you been to the national building museum? It sounds painfully boring, but my kids loved it.

  2. Yes, we have been to the National Building Museum - it's a lifesaver during the winter. My kids love it too!

  3. Love P's butterfly wings! Your pictures are gorgeous, as always.



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