Places to Go - Claude Moore Colonial Farm Market Fair (McLean, VA)

colonial farm

This weekend Claude Moore Colonial Farm hosts its autumn market fair and if you haven't had a chance to visit yet, I highly suggest you check it out. At the farm, the year stays perpetually 1771 and you are but a small family farmer trying to make your way in the world. Upon arrival at the farm, you follow a dirt path (it's somewhat stroller accessible, but there are a lot of bumps in the dirt path, so if you have young children a carrier may be best) through tobacco fields and past lingering chickens until you arrive at the farmhouse. For anyone who has ever thought that their house is too small (and i feel this daily) a visit to the farmhouse is quite the reality check. The whole house is about the size of a small modern-day bedroom - with a kitchen downstairs and a sleeping area lofted above.

After you visit the farm, the wonders of modern day living will become abundantly clear. For example, we last toured the farm in the summer (hence the sundresses in the pictures) and witnessed one of the farm's female volunteers cooking inside over an open flame in 90 degree heat - how unfun is that? (By the way, if you're a photographer, the house is a wonderful place to take pictures, tons of filtered natural light through the windows makes everything glow). The farm also has cows and pigs and a few crops beside tobacco. For more information - http://www.1771.org/. Self-guided tours are offered throughout the year.

The best time to visit, however, is on one of the three occasions in May, July, and October when the farm hosts a market fair. A market fair is like a small, toned-down renaissance festival (yes, there are people in costume, but they don't lord their roles over you). The fair has a variety of activities for children and adults - fencing demos, puppet shows, a tightrope walker (who was amazing I must add), CHEAP beer, wonderful food (grilled over an open fire), a craft section for children, various games (the three-legged race with their cousins was one of the highlights of the girls' summer), etc. Plus the fair is small enough that you don't have to be super-vigilant about watching your children (i.e. you can RELAX a little and have fun). I can't say enough good things. My husband literally looks forward to these for weeks ahead of time and has started to invite all his friends to come with us. Admission if $5 for adults and $2.50 for children, but if use the attached link, there's a 50% off coupon - http://www.1771.org/market_fair.htm. It's really a great deal.


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  1. Fun!! Are you all going this weekend? If the weather's nice, we may go either Sat or Sun morning.



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