Things to Do - Take a Pony on a Walk


I took these photos this spring, so they're not exactly "current." After yesterday's post on photography bloggers, I wanted to end the week with some of my better photographs, so here you go. Not much to say about walking a pony to preschool, other than LEAVE EARLY (pony walks take a lot of time) and prepare to bathe them at the end of the day (apparently this is why you should never rid yourself of a baby bathtub). Seriously, the best days are often the most random days.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back on Monday. And if you need some inspiration for your weekend - check out my "mix tape" here.


  1. Darcy, I love every song on this mix. Oh my God, how did I not know about this website!?

  2. Wow, Darcy, these pictures are beautiful. (I remember Breyer horses and My Little Pony--glad kids are still playing with the classics!)



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