Things to Read Thursday - Amazing Photography Blogs III - The Blue Hour & Wishful Thinking

For the last two Thursdays, I've hosted a series on Amazing Photography Blogs. Today's post marks the final installment (though tune in next week for more exciting things to read in book format). Today's bloggers take ordinary things and make them into extraordinary photographs, in a way that often leaves you thinking "wow, I never saw it like that." Enough said, truly great photos below.


On her blog, Wishful Thinking, Michel Feist takes lovely photos of everyday-type things that are "amazingly" (i need to expand my vocabulary, as I'm sick of saying amazing) well-composed. Her images vary, but often she uses a shallow depth of field with tons of sparkling bokeh in the background. She posts one photo a day, every day, and for some reason, her images always make me smile, there is something positive about them that's hard to explain.


Brian Ferry's The Blue Hour is a lovely blog that documents his life, mostly through the objects around him. A lot of his shots are of ceilings and food, every day stuff; his composition is ALWAYS spot on and the lighting is perfect. I find it incredibly difficult to take photos of everyday scenes and create a "mood", I'm not sure how he accomplishes this over and over again, but I'm glad he does, his photos never fail to impress. Plus, he makes great mixes on 8track.com.

So this concludes the amazing photography bloggers series - everyone i wrote about is listed on my blogroll, so make sure to check it out periodically. I'll be back tomorrow with a new post. Plus, Things to Read will return next Thursday with new, interesting finds (probably of the book sort).

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