Places to Go - The Rough-Faced Girl at Synetic Family Theater (Arlington, VA)


This weekend we took advantage of a discount offer from Go Out and Play! (a wonderful local blog) and took the kids to Synetic Family Theater's production of The Rough-Faced Girl. Synthetic Theater relies solely on movement, dance, and music to tell a story, so no dialogue or narration occurs. I was somewhat nervous that this would bore my children (or confuse them) but the play mesmerized all three of my kids. Yes, even 2 year old T sat still for a whole HOUR taking in every movement (though he did occasionally scream things out like "look mom, she sad. why she sad?"). As an adult the production was both beautiful and entertaining, I sincerely enjoyed it, the dance and movement especially. The set design includes large ribbon-like sheets hanging from the ceiling, which the actors use to create things such as teepees and storms, as well as to climb and hang-from, circus-style. At one point, the actors chased each other through the audience and I thought my kids were going to burst with excitement (I also worried that the actors would trip over my purse).

The Rough-Faced Girl
is a Native American retelling of the Cinderella story, in which a fire scars the story's heroine, hence the title, (the "fire dance" was one of F's favorite parts of the play). The play does a great job of making even the "evil" sister a sympathetic character. And, of course, it has a happy ending, in which beautiful blue cloth ripples in the air for a water effect while a marriage occurs. A great way to spend an hour with your children. I highly recommend it. The play runs through December 28th, productions occur on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at 11:00 am. Tickets cost $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Click here for more info.

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  1. So glad to hear that you guys enjoyed it! We are going after Thanksgiving, and I was wondering of my 3-year-old would like it. Sounds like she will!



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