Places to Go (Vacation) - The High Line, NYC


I first visited the High Line last summer, as part of our family's weekend trip to NYC (click here for the post). During that trip, Dan and I had a great time watching the kids run and checking out the wonderful views of the city. This year my trip to the High Line was a little more mellow, but still really enjoyable. Such a great place to catch up with an old friend. I wish DC had something like this, I'd go all the time, camera in hand.


*Loving this print.

*A short interview with Mo Willems. He's so awesome.

*Holiday gift-guide from pinhole press (I think I might make one of their photo calendars) (link via Bluebird Baby).

*Fortune cookie necklaces - I really really want one of these (thank you Miss Moss for the link). I also really want to read Mindy Kaling's new book.



  1. Exactly a year ago I visited High Line when I was in NY. A great, unexpected spot. Although there was hardly anything I didn't like in NY. Well, that is so far away for me. (I'm from Holland.)

  2. Hello! Thanks for linking to my print, I just noticed it - I'm glad you like it and pleased that I followed you here, I'll be coming back.

    The highline is on one of my places to visit too (well the whole of New York is really!)

    Thanks again




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