Things to Do - Grateful List (October 2011)


1. Ken Burns' Prohibition
2. Dan reading and loving my Banksy book (Wall and Piece)
3. Alexi Murdoch in concert (so mellow)
4. The New York Times' profile of Murakami
5. Listening to Justice Breyer's talk at the I Street Synagogue
6. Dancing with Lughnasa at the Irish Repertory Theatre in NYC


7. Silver Diner's local menu
8. Trader Joe's mint tea
9. A bowl of grapes (I find that if I leave a huge bowl of grapes on the table in the morning that the kids will snack on it throughout the day)
10. Date night dinner at Jalelo
11. Brussel sprouts at the Green Table, NYC


12. Riding the dinosaur slide with all three kids at Cox Farms
13. The fire station's open house and watching T drive the fire truck
14. The tightrope walker at Claude Moore Colonial Farm's Market Fair and watching the girls run through the fields playing "What Time is It Ms. Fox?"
15. Blocktoberfest
16. Walking the High Line and drinking in Times Square with Sarah


17. Our new front room rug from Katie
18. Fresh black tea eye cream


19. Swim lessons for P and F (which are going surprisingly well)
20. The girls surprising me by making my bed
21. A glowstick explorer walk around the neighborhood followed by a glowstick bath (thank you, Not-So-SAHM for the idea!)
22. A 6th and 60th birthday feast
23. T always drawing "fireworks"
24. P's new nickname, Tigs (for Tigger because she bounces everywhere)
25. Religious and philosophical discussions over wine during playgroup
26. T's laugh (it's this full-bodied sound that fills a room)
27. The tree on the corner
28. P's social calendar (full til December)
29. Listening to the students say the countries they are from during Hispanic Heritage night at F's school (Madagascar, Kurdistan, Bangladesh, etc.)
30. Painting a cardboard castle with T
31. Sleeping in and napping while it snowed during our NYC girls' trip
32. Coming home from NYC to a wonderful roasted chicken dinner (thank you Dan!)
33. 40% off everything in the store sales at Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic
34. Elmo, Snow White, and a "princess who nobody has ever heard of" for Halloween
35. P telling everyone about her peanut allergy while trick or treating.

F's List
- the morning news (at school), hot cocoa, making blanket forts with P, kindergarten, coming home from school and seeing my family, Cybil Lily, My American Girl doll, turning 6, "a sister like P", Silver Dollar night [school fundraiser], looking like Snow White, trick or treating, giving people candy

P's List
- My family, L's birthday party, my best friend P, Cox Farms, the dinosaur slide, my cousins, the National Arb, Silver Dollar night, Blocktoberfest, watching a movie outside [during Blocktoberfest], dollies

T's List
- cooking apples with dada [using our apple peeler], bulldozers ["I want to ride that, mommy. now."], build house, drive car upstairs, good guys


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  1. I love that you find out, and record, everyone's list. Happy Friday. xo



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