Things to Make - Make-Your-Own Pizza


Last February, when we visited Denver, my friend C put together a make-your-own pizza dinner. My kids loved it, then (as often happens) I forgot about it. But a few weeks ago Not-So-SAHM posted on her family's make-your-own pizza night, reminding me that Trader Joe's sells pre-made dough. So we tried it ourselves last week and the dinner had unanticipated benefits. F loved making her own pizza so much that after she added the cheese she seemed sad that the process was so fast ("it needs more color mom"), so we raided the fridge for broccoli, prosciutto, and even a tiny bit of cauliflower. If we had ordered pizza, F NEVER would have eaten such toppings, but apparently when you make your own the more veggies the better - she ate every bite. I think make-your-own pizza night will become a regular "event."

Just a reminder that the Land of Nod giveaway ends tonight at 8 pm eastern time. So you still have time to enter.


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  1. I always make Pizza myself (including the dough). My daughters love to help with the dough and with adding toppings... but... they still don't really eat anything afterwards. They still prefer to eat everything separate..



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