Things to Do - A Wedding!!


You know how the story goes, two people meet, they fall in love and one day they - have a commitment ceremony? Wait, that's SO 2008. Let's try again - two people meet, they fall in love, they pledge their love in front of family and friends, they have two kids together, their love grows stronger, 10 years pass, and FINALLY DC says they can marry each other too. What a great day to celebrate, actually aren't most weddings great days to celebrate? Especially ones where you know the couple is in it for the long haul?

Even though this simple, beautiful ceremony didn't really create anything new between Julia and Tracie - they'll still go home, raise their children, look forward to an occasional date night - it did remind everyone present what "marriage" really means, the commitment and the love. And how lucky two people are to find each other in this world. Especially when those two people continue to grow better together, year after year.


F clapped and clapped at the ceremony's end, she's such a romantic. My children have attended two weddings in their short lifetime - one interracial and one gay. I can't help but reflect on how different their experiences are from my own childhood, not that my parents wouldn't have supported such celebrations, rather, during my childhood my family just didn't know any gay or interracial couples. When I think about all the bad things in the world, it makes me feel better to think that some things seem to be improving, that as a society we're starting to accept the idea that love is love, regardless of sex or skin color.


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