Things to Read - DC-Based Blogs that I'm Thankful For

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Last year for Thanksgiving I posted on some of my favorite mom blogs. One year later and that list still contains my daily reads. So this year I thought I'd post on my favorite local blogs. Here goes:

1. KidFriendly DC - the absolutely best resource for things to do in DC with kids. I especially love the Friday lists, full of so many great activities that it often necessitates a change in plans. Plus I love reading the funny headlines and well-written reviews.

2. Go Out and Play! - very similar to Kidfriendly DC, except that Melissa, the blog's author, tends to concentrate on events in the Northern Virginia/Arlington area. She's especially good at finding nature center classes and storytimes, a must read.

3. Not-So-SAHM - This relatively-new blog has tons of great crafts and places to go. Plus the writing is funny. I love that the author always "keeps it real" by demonstrating how messy (and fun) kids can be, especially when it comes to crafts.

4. But I Do Have a Law Degree - I don't actually read many blogs, I usually just skim them and look at the pictures. But I do read this blog. As a former big-firm lawyer turned stay-at-home mom I can relate to Shannon's stories about leaving a high-pressure work environment. But most of all I love her funny sketches of daily life.

5. Snoburbia - Funny. Snarky. And true.

6. The Natural Capital - A great resource for days spent outside. I especially love the posts on "things to look for" by month, which make "nature exploring" all the more fun.

7. The Meanest Momma - Playground reviews. Menu plans. Crossfit. Lost of fun places to go with kids. And info about daily life.

8. This is Marzipan - Tons of creative inspiration, making me wish I knew how to sew. Plus beautiful pictures. Lots of beautiful pictures.



  1. Wow. I can't tell you how honored - and thankful - I am for the props from one of MY favorite blogs. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

  2. Awww, thanks No Monsters! Happy Turkey Day!!!

  3. Hey...
    i just awesome.. sounds great... thanks for sharing it with us.. keep it up.. keep sharing..

  4. Oh, great post! I'm a DC blogger too!
    I love the Meanest Momma but didn't know about the other ones... can't wait to check 'em out.
    I'll share this post on my FB page.
    And here's my blog if you'd like to follow/fan back :)

  5. Woops, here's mine: http://themommiesmademedoit.blogspot.com/

  6. You're so sweet to include me - thank you! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (ours was overtaken by the stomach flu. Ugh. I'll be ready for that drink in a few weeks!).

  7. aw... thanks for the love!

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful thanksgiving!


  8. gee, I'm flattered! and I love that jump shot.



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