Places to Go - The US Botanical Gardens & The National Museum of the American Indian (Washington D.C.)

(The girls had a great time imagining the empty fountain into a fairy castle. And P enjoyed sniffing the sculptured flowers which were full of different spices).

On Sunday we joined some family friends in taking our kids to the Chocolate Festival at the National Museum of the American Indian. Unfortunately, once we arrived it became obvious that our kids only wanted to run. and run. and run. So we changed our plans and decided to spend the morning across the street at the US Botanical Gardens. During the winter the outdoor garden's beauty is somewhat more subduded than in the summer months, but the pathways and bridges gave the kids plenty of room to roam and explore (they also loved playing in the empty fountain). The adults grew exhausted just from watching them. For a rest break we ventured to the indoor conservatory of the gardens where the kids enjoyed the spice exhibit, talking and laughing about all the different smells emanating from gorgeous sculpted flowers. Ideally we would have ended the afternoon with lunch at Mitsitam (by far the best cafe on the National Mall, if not the best in DC itself) but the line was too long. Next time. If you're interested in a great indoor/outdoor adventure combination I highly suggest checking out the Botanical Gardens and the National Museum of the American Indian; paid street parking is usually available.



  1. Great pictures! I love cafe the American Indian Museum too. I am so ready for warm weather- can't wait to go back to the Children's Garden at the Botanical Gardens.

  2. I think we should visit the Botanical Garden, too. This looks great.



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