Things to Make - Project Ideas for Sick/Snow/Rain Days


In case anyone needs some inspiration for the sick/snow/rain days of February, here are some ideas of projects to do with kids:

For Toddlers (and Big Kids too)

1. Goo - is it a liquid? is it a solid? Always a surefire hit in our house, plus really easy to make (you only need two ingredients).

2. Homemade playdough - Obvious but fun, nonetheless. This recipe is super easy and uses ingredients you already have around the house.

3. Water painting - If you don't want to deal with too much mess, you can't go wrong with water, paintbrushes, and construction paper.

4. Never underestimate the recycling bin - toilet paper rolls and old boxes (you can stack them on top of each other) can occupy toddlers for long periods of time.

For Kids 3 and Up - Craft Projects

1. Craft table ideas- you can't go wrong with just putting scissors, different types of paper, glue sticks, markers, and stencils on a table and seeing what happens. Kids like to create. For more of a specific, focused craft construction paper ice cream cones are pretty easy.

2. Teepees and pueblo villages - A great opportunity to have fun while learning about native americans. Make some paper dolls to go in the new homes.

3. Shrinky Dinks - Timeless.

4. Cook something together - we like making oatmeal blondies, sorghum cookies, and popsicles. What's your favorite kid-friendly recipe?

5. Make some marbleized paper with household ingredients - using either oil or shaving cream. Or use watercolors/food coloring with salt and glue to create lovely designs.

For everyone:

1. Dance parties

2. Homemade forts out of couch cushions

3. Try a board game or card game (War and Crazy 8s)- my kids love Candyland, Feed The Kitty, and Briarpatch Madeline In Paris.

4. And if TV is in the plans, make it a "special occasion" with popcorn and dimmed lighting.


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