Things to Make - Stencil Valentines


Throughout December, the girls could not get enough craft projects. F would come home from preschool asking "can we make something today? please?" I have to admit, their attentions flattered me. Then came January. And all of a sudden they were back in their room, door closed, playing together and when I asked about craft projects I heard "maybe in awhile mom." So I adopted a new strategy - lots of materials, little parental involvement - just a table full of glue sticks, scrapbook paper, scissors, markers, construction paper, stickers, and STENCILS. And, hence, the valentine making began. So I'm lying low for awhile, only interceding when needed (usually to help spell all of their friends' names).

Regarding the stencils, both girls love hearts but have a hard time drawing them, so I made a heart stencil out of cardboard that has gotten a lot of use. So much use that I decided to buy more, I found this stencil book - Fun with Valentine Stencils (Dover Little Activity Books)on Amazon for only $1.50 (Amazon has a huge selection of these cheap Dover stencils to choose from). For other stencil activity, a few months ago my mom bought the girls a jumbo stencil kit similar to these - NEX Jumbo Stencil Kit (Farms And Horses) and NEX Stylin Stencil (Runway Fun) - and the girls still use it on a frequent basis (at least once a week).

What about everyone else? Any ideas for Valentine making?


*I love this story starter idea, sounds perfect for the numerous sick days that tend to make up February.

*The Artful Parent's painted heart cookies are just lovely. Edible art.

*Toothpicks + marshmallows = art. What a great (and easy) way to spend an afternoon.

*These shaving cream valentines are lovely. A wonderful idea for free play as well.

*I love these paper towel roll valentine's stamps. Plus, this project really does look super easy.



  1. So cute! What a great idea. Sophia has a hard time making hearts too and is always asking me to draw them.

  2. Thanks for including my Shaving Cream Valentine in your round up. I love the idea of stencils, gotta try it with C. And is it bad that (as a mom to a 2 year old and a 6 month old) I'm a little jealous of your kids playing quietly in their room?

  3. Steph - I loved the Shaving Cream Valentines! And really it is heavenly when they start playing together in their room (until you realize you're the odd man out :)



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