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As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not a baker. And in the realm of baking nothing terrifies me more than cookies (I actually make a killer cupcake). It's sort of embarrassing, I consider myself a decently intelligent person, but cookie dough and I don't mix. The dough always ends up not sticky or too sticky. I just don't get it. I think I need lessons. But F has declared her favorite holiday as Valentine's Day and, once you have children, you really appreciate a holiday that doesn't involve expensive gifts and preparation (and I'm sufficiently old enough that I've forgiven Valentine's Day for the tearful nights and tequila shots of my college years). With all this in mind, I promised F we could make special cookies to celebrate her favorite holiday. And we made it through, though P kept saying "wow, mom, you're really bad at this."

The Scoop:

Materials - Store bought refrigerated cookie dough (is there any other kind?), cookie cutters, a rolling pin (or, in our case, a wine bottle), Wilton Pink Sparkle Gel and pans.

1. First I tried to roll the dough out. But it kept flaking. So I added flour. My husband came in and explained to me that this made the problem worse (who knew?), so I added oil. What a mess.

2. The girls liked placing the cookie cutters in the dough and separating out the cookies. But they couldn't understand why everything was either too sticky or not sticky enough. Nor could I.

3. Finally we cobbled together some cookies. Some were thick some were thin. What a mess.

4. After the cookies finished baking, I let the kids decorate them with cake decorating gel (and T used sprinkles). This part was fun.

5. The results actually ended up pretty yummy. Though next project I'll probably jump back into my comfort zone. In the future, my husband promised he'd teach me how to make chocolate chip cookies, from scratch nonetheless. I'm excited about it, so at least something valentinesesque came out of the day.



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