Things to Do - Dance Parties & Vampire Weekend


F has been really into music lately. My friend recorded some kids' CDs for her (thanks Deb!) and as of late she likes to just sit in her bed and listen to Ziggy Marley's Family Time. It has been pretty fun to see her develop her own tastes and interests. In the car F now knows the lyrics to my music better than I do, unfortunately this can lead to tricky situations. For example, I had to stop playing this song (which I find hysterical, though I see how reasonable minds could disagree on this) after F called it funny and asked "why do people make fun of pregnant women?" Sort of hard to explain "smugness" to a preschooler or, even worse, the phrase "so you went ho'ing and now you're glowing cause you're pregnant." I never thought of myself as a music banner, but times have changed. So for now we're sticking with Vampire Weekend's Contra and Vampire Weekend (yes, I know liking them is hipster-cliche, but they're just SO GOOD), perfect for dance parties. Throw in a little Best of the Laurie Berkner Band and Rocknoceros' Pink!- we're all set.

(Note to self - wash daughter's face before photographing her)


  1. Vampire Weekend always ensues a dance party in our house. I'll never forget at Thanksgiving dinner when Beckett started singing, "Blake's got a new face." Crazy.

  2. We LOVE the Vampire Weekend CDs around here. The Black Keys and Bob Marley are also big hits. Unfortunately, R frequently gets fixated on one song, which we then have to hear over and over and OVER. From Contra it's "White Sky", which she calls the "Whoo Whoo song." It's still better than most of the kids songs out there, though!

  3. Yay! So glad you all are having fun with the CDs!! We try to mix things up around here, too, but S seems to get fixated on a few favorites. Laurie Berkner's "Pig Head" is at the top of her favorites list, but amazingly I'm not quite sick of it yet! :-)

  4. you're really gifted at taking portraits !



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