Places to Go - Huntley Meadows in the Winter (Alexandria, VA)


I have not posted on any places to go lately, mainly because we haven't really gone anywhere. Between moving and making the old house market ready (we just signed a contract. yay!!), we've been busy on weekends, even nice weekends, with 60 degree days (we seem to have those a lot lately). Which is making me sad. Adventures must be planned.

Anyways, while perusing my online files, I found these pictures from January and February 2009, so I thought I'd share. I've written about Huntley Meadows before, but never during the winter months (click here to see pics from summer and fall). In the coldest months, when the cattails are low, the vistas from Huntley's boardwalk become breathtaking. Temps are predicted to reach 50 degrees on Saturday, so if you're looking for something to do, I highly suggest a visit.



*At home with Kelly Wearstler. I could live here. Really.

*Egypt, A Year Later, Still young, Still fighting. Beautiful photos.

*Who knew you could have this much fun at the Golden Nugget hotel?

*I love these sort of videos (the kind where one thing knocks over something else, starting a whole long chain of events), they have one at the Hirshhorn and every time I go I watch it over and over again (the kids love it too).

*Tree line.


Amazing how much changes in three years. Dora is long lost and F would never wear a princess dress out in public. But we still collect a lot of sticks along every walk.


Looking back moments like this always seem so precious. But then I remember how randomly such moments would arrive. How all of a sudden one of the girls would sit for what seemed like forever exploring a stick and they'd scream like bloody murder if I tried to move them along. And there were always two. One who wanted to sit and one who wanted to go. And who wanted to do what would change on any given day. I'm exhausted thinking about it.

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