Things to Make - 3-D Construction Paper Pictures


A few weeks ago, while the kids spent the morning painting, I sat at the table with them and cut construction paper into strips. I then "tinkered" with the strips (for lack of a better term) - rolling them up, cutting patterns onto them, folding them in different ways. I didn't really have a plan, it just felt nice to make something three-dimensional for a change (other than food).

Anyways, the kids started to watch what I was doing and soon they started folding and crafting their own strips. We spent the rest of the morning making pictures with our scrap-art - dogs, flowers, faces. We treated the strips like blocks and everyone (even two year old T) had some creative ideas. I think we might try this again some time, see what else we can come up with.



  1. I love this idea - what a great way to get little ones to start seeing art 3-dimensionally!

  2. Great idea- thanks. I think I will try this one of the next days...



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