Things to Make - Condensed Milk Painting


When I came across condensed milk painting in Rebecca Green's Pinterest files (also known as Not-So-SAHM) I was quite happy, as the move temporarily displaced several of our art supplies, but kept our pantry intact. I painted with the kids and found this whole project quite fun, the paint comes out super-shiny, like nailpolish and sort of glows on the page. On the downside, the paint is messy and sticky and goopy and my kids weren't exactly digging it. T had fun but F called it "not your best idea, mommy." I used pastel food coloring to dye the milk and the colors turned out really light, I think the kids would have liked it more if I could have found the liquid watercolors which would have made the paint more vibrant. Oh well, we still painted for a good half hour or so, which in my mind equals success.

Here's the scoop:

You will need: a can of condensed milk and food coloring/liquid watercolors

1. Open can of condensed milk

2. Pour into small cups or bowls (if you have an ice cube tray, that would work great)

3. Add food coloring/liquid watercolors to the milk and mix. mix. mix.

4. Paint.

Rumor on pinterest is that the paint often dries sort of hard and crinkles the paper. In our case, T started putting all our "art" on top of each other so our paintings all dried into a big sticky mess. If any of you try this, please let me know how the dried product looks.




  1. Haha- that reminds me a bit of my not very sucessful experiment with another self-made-paint. (Don't remember the ingredients right now) Even though I put a lot of food colour inside it showed hardly any colour, it was sticky and cracked when it dried... well- keep trying- it can't always be perfect :-)

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