Things to Do - The Ebb and the Flow


Tonight as the kids and I walked around the neighborhood, P (as always) insisted on picking up stones from a neighbor's gravel driveway, a treasure hunt for the most beautiful pebble she can find. The neighbor, an older man who I had never met before, came out of the house. Apprehensively (did he even like kids? what would he think of us lingering on his property?) I told him how much my kids love his driveway, how they can't pass by without running some stones through their fingers, marveling at the differences between the tiny rocks. He replied that "other children" had grown up in the house and had loved the stones too. He then bent down, found three glistening snow-white pebbles, and handed them to each of my kids. They smiled back like it was Xmas day.

Throughout the rest of the walk I thought about how our patterns change with the seasons in ways that I sometimes fail to notice. In winter, we spend most of our late afternoons in the kitchen - coloring and cooking. But in spring the children lose interest in the art cabinet. Tonight, before our walk, I was wondering how best to entertain everyone during the pre-dinner witching hour when T said "we need to go for a walk." So the girls created bouquets out of fallen flowers, twirled helicopter seeds, and climbed on the corner's "big rocks", while T and I photographed the coming of evening.


*I'm not much of a runner, but the color run looks so fun I really want to try. It comes to DC on September 22nd, any one want to go? (click here for the full list of cities and dates).

*How to Get Out of a Creative Rut (a great list, even if you're not in a creative rut, especially the Ira Glass clip).

*After I finished reading Just Kids, i really enjoyed watching this interview with Patti Smith (esp. some of her quotes after minute 46:01, just wonderful).

*Mansome. I can't wait.


Our close neighbors have a beehive, suburban cool.

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  1. I'm going to do the color run!!! You should do it!



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