Things to Make - Kaleidograph Stencils


A few weeks ago I posted about how much fun we have making patterns with Kaleidograph Flora and Kaleidograph Crystal (click here for past post). Lately, we've been using the cards as stencils with watercolor crayons - mixing the colors and shapes to create interesting patterns. A fun, easy playdate activity too.

What have you been making lately?



  1. Since our whole thing is "kaleidoscoping" I guess I need to get some of these ASAP! I saw your previous post and now this one. Clearly, we are behind the ball over here. Although mine are little younger (1 an almost 3) we should start now! thanks for the idea! we did stencils today too! Egyptian ones from Vegas...

  2. I'm going to get these off Amazon for my program for kids aged 4-12. I'm so happy I found this! Wow! My students are going to be thrilled.



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