Places to Go - Encore Stage & Studio's Production of Charlotte's Web (Arlington, VA)


Last Friday the girls and I headed to TJ Middle School to check out Encore Stage & Studio's newest production, Charlotte's Web. And if you haven't already planned your entire weekend, I highly suggest making time to catch a show (the play runs through Sunday).

Prior to the play, I hadn't read or seen Charlotte's Web in a long, long time. And I couldn't really remember much about it, other than the barnyard setting. The girls had never seen it. Immediately Encore's production enthralled us all. No complaining, no shuffling in seats - the girls couldn't take their eyes from the stage. Encore's productions are performed entirely by children, aged fourth grade through high school, which gave an innocence and beauty to the play itself.

The entire cast did a convincing job of bringing the characters to life, though I have to give a special shout out to a few minor characters who really wowed - Laura Wade did a great job as Avery, a lovable, over-enthusiastic younger brother. Brandi Moore was so convincing as Mrs. Arable that I kept forgetting her real life status as a teenager. And the two sheep, played by Malena Davis and Amanda Heckler, managed to talk in unison throughout the whole play without ever losing sync (pretty impressive).

I really watching my girls see Charlotte's Web for the first time. Though disturbingly when Charlotte started to die, F giggled. Somewhat appalled I whispered, "how is this funny?" To which she replied, "don't worry mommy, nobody actually ever dies in plays and movies. i'm laughing because i'm trying to guess how she'll come back alive." (thanks, Disney). Obviously the play's end soured their spirits. F sat in shock through the whole encore. But the next morning, P woke up saying "thank you for taking us to that play last night, I really liked it a lot, well except for the dead part. but still it was really good. so thank you mommy."

The play runs through Sunday June 10th at TJ Middle School's Theater (in Arlington, VA). Adult tickets cost $12 and children cost $10. The production is recommended for ages 4 and up. Click here for tickets and additional information.

Performance Schedule:

Friday, June 8 at 7:30
Saturday June 9 at 11 am and 3 pm
Sunday, June 10 at 3 pm.

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