Things to Do - Four Generations, Three Years, and Ducks


Dan's grandmother came to Richmond for a visit, which is sort of a big deal as she lives off the beaten path in Tennessee so we don't see her very often (the kids have only met her one other time, when we drove to TN for her and grandpa's 60th wedding celebration). Crazy to see four generations together, sort of remarkable really. I tried to ply great grandma with questions regarding her past and our family, but she's a quiet woman, sort of an enigma, though incredibly kind. For those who read my Wednesday post, no 50 year old journals made the trip (sadness), instead she brought gifts for the kids - elmo books, angel pins, and a set of keys for T - all of which they loved.

We also celebrated T's third birthday, he seemed amazed that all the presents really were just for him.

After dinner we walked to the lake to feed the ducks. My mother-in-law brought paint kits for all the kids, so they created as the sun sunk lower and lower on the horizon. A good day.



*Of Biblical Proportions.

*This exhibit at Longwood Gardens (outside Philly) looks awesome.

*Eat like the Obamas - a list of DC destinations where at least one Obama has dined. Yumm!!

*How to make several different hand shadow puppets.

*The Minister's Treehouse - this landmark actually resides within a few miles of Dan's grandmother's house in TN. We took the kids there. Unfortunately when we visited the place was rather run down with a lot of homeless people and drug addicts "hanging" around.


We tried to take a pic of all four generations together, but the kids squirmed. The bright sun in their eyes didn't help matters.


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