Places to Go (Vacation) - The Queens Zoo, NYC


For the second day of our Memorial Day mini-vacay we headed to the Queens Zoo. My friend, Jenny, had never visited before and seemed hesitant about the zoo's probable coolness (up until about a month ago she didn't even know a Queens Zoo existed). Fortunately, the zoo proved pretty wonderful. For our first stop we rode the carousel (on opening day). F and P are pretty much wooden horse jockies, but T wasn't buying into any of it. I guess the equestrian life isn't for him.


Next stop - petting zoo. The four adults spent all of our collective quarters on food for the animals - we know how to woo a goat. Though I remain partial to the bunnies, they just looked so beautiful in their little basement den.


The zoo was small, but woodsy - lots of trees and a huge pond (odd that we traveled to NYC for a nature walk). F's obsessed with bald eagles lately (not sure where this comes from), so she marveled at seeing one so close. After reading Trumpet of the Swan, T seemed impressed that such birds actually exist. All of us loved watching the sea lion feeding, especially the "tricks" they performed for us. Finally, we meandered back to the car with T already asleep and P heading in that direction. You know an outing is successful when your kids can't stop yawning by the end.


No Memorial Day weekend is complete without a bbq, especially when your amazing friends have a backyard in NYC. After a long day, the kids rallied for the evening. T and P put on a circus for us all (we're all a little circus obsessed lately after attending many of the events at DC's Street Art Festival). The circus was positively adorable. Well, until it wasn't. F continued to bond with our favorite baby (nicknamed "the Banana"). And after the kids went to bed all the adults drank a lot of wine and watched the cheesy 80s flick Can't Buy Me Love ("he went from totally geek, to totally sheik"), making it an absolutely perfect night.

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