Places to Go - Fishing at Hains Pt (Washington D.C.)


We spent Father's Day morning fishing at Hains Point, which ended up being the perfect location for spending a few hours together. Tons of parking and lots of shaded picnic tables made it easy for us to "set of camp." The park was FULL of joggers and bikers, which gave the day an athletic-feel, even though I really wasn't doing much of anything. And watching airplanes fly in and out of Regan National kept everyone from becoming bored while waiting for the fish to bite (they never did). When the kids tired of fishing a huge playground (with two structures, one for older kids and one for toddlers) entertained them for the rest of the morning. We need to come here more often.


Monkeybars = happiness.


P didn't last very long fishing. Instead she decided to "adopt" two new "worm pets" - Skirmy Wormy and Lazy Bazy now live in the backyard. We don't see them often, but I like to think they're happy there.


  1. i think there is also a mini golf course there too? right? it is on my list of place to go hang out... thanks for posting - looks like a wonderful day!

  2. Love that your kids got to go fishing! I've never tried it myself, but my kids have been begging to go fishing lately. Guess we'll be looking for a similar spot in north Texas.



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