Places to Go (Vacation) - The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island (NYC, NY)


For our final road trip of the summer, we decided to spend a few days in NYC with my friend Jenny and her family. Luckily, Jenny is one of my oldest and closest friends because my kids were a trainwreck. At one point, in an effort to instill any sense of discipline, I told F that if she didn't behave I would take her on vacation every weekend through October. She cried. A lot. I guess we all needed school to start (which it finally has, YAY!).

On the upside, we spent Dan's birthday cruising through New York Harbor and touring the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Even during periods of extreme fuss, a ferry ride always makes for a few moments of peace. Though T kept asking, "but where fairy? I want to see fairy!!!" Explaining that a ferry was a boat felt like taking down Santa Clause. "But how that be? fairy flies. I want to see fairy flies!"

Luckily, we arrived at Ellis Island right before a HUGE storm blew in. We stayed dry while wandering through museum exhibits and movies, learning about the (somewhat depressing) history of American immigration. When the rain ended we hopped back on the boat, ready for land and cake. Lots of rich chocolate cake, thanks to my most amazing friend, Jenny, who is awesome beyond awesome.


After the storm.


Battery park has a spraypark/fountain, the kids dabbled with the idea of becoming wet. Then decided against it. T carried his "packing bag" everywhere, I think this is what happens when you take your kids on too many vacations.

untitled (78 of 81).jpg

Happy Birthday, Dan. We all love you so so much!!


  1. I have to say, the rain made for an amazing ambiance in your pictures. Wow. Glad you guys had fun. :)

  2. Such a lovely image to capture, You should also share some Dubai tourism images as well. They built their country as a traveling place specifically.



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