Things to Do - An Unplanned Dog & A Broken Arm

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This is the story of the unplanned dog:

Saturday morning we had no plans. I purposefully planned a day without plans (yes, i understand the irony of this statement). The goal was LAZINESS. I feel that F used this to her advantage.

F - "Mom, since we're not doing anything today. Can we get a dog?"

me - "Um, NO!!!"

F - "Well, when we finally get a dog can we have a goldadoodle or a labrodoodle? or an ??? dooodle?" (xxxdoodles must be trendy lately)?

me - "Years from now, when we finally adopt a dog, she/he will be from the shelter, as we've discussed many many times."

F - "But that's not fair, I don't even know what shelter dogs look like."

me - "They look like every other type of dog. They come in all shapes and sizes."

F - "But can't we just go on the website and see what some of them look like? Just so I have an idea. PLEASE!!!"

So we went on the website and, of course, within an hour our whole family was at Arlington Animal Shelter, trying to adopt a BEAUTIFUL 5 year old boxer named Coco. After much stress (someone applied before us! what if they come back? what if they win? Oh the tears, oh the stress, oh the agony, all over a dog we'd only known for 15 minutes), at 5:00 the shelter called to tell us that she was ours!! Yay!!

The only downside being that we couldn't pick her up until Tuesday morning.

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This is the story of the broken arm:

At 3:30 last Monday the girls' school called, which confused me because school gets out at 3:41. So I kept stating "but i have 10 minutes! i'm not late! I know I'm not late, I have 10 whole minutes" (can you tell that i'm paranoid about missing pick-up-time?). Finally, once I stopped babbling, the school said, "no it isn't pick-up yet, but we need you to come immediately, P fell and we're pretty sure her arm is broken."

So we spent all of Monday afternoon in an emergency room. That emergency room finally decided they couldn't fix her, they directed us to another emergency room. We slept in the hospital overnight and at 6 am Tuesday morning P went in for surgery (2 pins, which look so so big in the x-ray). A few hours later, while P and I recovered at the hospital, Dan drove to the shelter and formally adopted Coco.

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This is a good story:

P continues to heal, big cast and all. And even though last Monday night was an AWFUL night, I'm feeling grateful for health insurance and hospitals and child orthopedists. And for my brave, fierce, fearless P.

Regarding our newest family member, Coco is mellow and awesome and cuddly and perfect for our family.

And life is good, even though I'm hoping this week is a little more mellow. But it never seems to work out this way. Fortunately, we recover and we move on, as we must.



  1. Poor P! I know how scary it is to go through the nightmare of a broken bone with your child. I am so glad she's ok. Congrats on the new puppy! :)

  2. You didn't say you adopted a BOXER! They are the best - we've had ours, Vegas, for 8 years and he is WONDERFUL with the kids. Congrats!

  3. Congrats on Coco!

  4. wow, what a weekend! hoping for quick recovery times and lots of puppy snuggles for you all.

  5. Coco must know how loved she is.

    Poor baby. I can't believe no cast! Hope she's doing well!



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