Things to Do - Grateful List (August 2012)


*Listening to Tina Fey's Bossypantson CD (hysterical) and Anne Tyler's Digging to America: A Novel during our road trips
*Watching Gabby Douglas win the gold
*Listening to Milo Greene and the Bombay Bicycle Club
*Reading Alice Munro's The Beggar Maid: Stories of Flo and Rose
*Listening to the Great Courses from Yao to Mao - 5000 Years of Chinese History (thank you Olsen!)
*Watching Demetri Martin's standup, Person, on Netflix
*Taking F and T to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days (which was actually pretty funny), while P went to her first sleepover
*Watching Margin Call (amazing cinematography)
*Watching Blue Valentine (this movie is hauntingly good, I can't get it out of my head)

*Diet cuba libres with peach rum
*Dan's mushroom cream sauce on pasta
*Making homemade noodles with the kids
*Eamonn's an Irish Chipper opening on Columbia Pike

*P singing Firework on stage at Signature Theater's Open House
*Cruising the Potomac at Mt Vernon
*P braving the drop ride at the Arlington County Fair
*Raspberry picking and potato digging at Butlers' Orchard on the way to Chicago
*F looking at the mementos in the Uvar Hazey Center and proclaiming "all that stuff's just made in China anyways"
*A great Nats game (vs. the Mets) after a 2.5 hour rain delay
*The Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD) - this place is incredible

VACATIONS (Toronto, Canada; Road Trip to Chicago; NYC and an afternoon in Philadelphia)
*Tons of green space and a free puppet show on Center Island
*T asking "are we there yet?" within 5 minutes of leaving for our road trip to Chicago
*The family fun tent at Millennium Park and T playing under the bean
*The Historic Sauder Village (outside Toledo, OH)
*Dinner out
with high school friends
*Spending Dan's birthday on Ellis Island
*T asking "where the fairy? i don't see the fairy", while riding the ferry to Ellis Island
*T carrying his "packing bag" around NYC
*The walrus at the NYC aquarium
*The kids swimming in their clothes at Coney Island
*T playing with Hannah Banana "so you want to play a soft game? you want to play super heros?"
*T driving cars at the Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, PA)

*The blue car track (this was by far the most played with toy of the summer)
*F buying Dan a rainbow tie for his birthday

*P to T "do you even know what personal space is?"
*Aidan, Allison, and Fiona visiting
*Lots of kids attacking the sharp pinata
*P continually calling Fiona "the cutie, ootie baby"
*T's career ambitions, "I want to be a police builder Batman."
*The girls performing Sleeping Beauty as a ballet for our family
*"Dad, when are they going to change your work colors so you can finally wear rainbow or something colorful instead of blue and grey?" - F
*A few lazy days at home
*T - "mom, builders don't have moms"; me - "of course they do, it's just that sometimes you don't see their moms" T - "oh because their moms are busy taking pictures?"
*My husband, for everything

The Kids' Lists

F - books, reading, Michelle visiting, friends, TV, Barkley, Cybil Lily, Samuel, Aidan visiting, drawing, learning, Grandma's house, school, art, electricity, the historical town [Sauder Village], being back home with daddy, going on SOME vacations, but not too many, borrowing Parus's Calvin and Hobbes book, that we live in a nice house

P - the rides [on Toronto Island], Michelle, dollies, my family, Aidan visiting, the super high ride at the fair, spacebear, Grandma's house, my new sparkly purse, everything in my purse, my new bear [from Grandma T], my Cat in the Hat dictionary, learning how to read, the Fairy Castle [at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago], learning about the old days [at Sauder Village], tea parties with new friends [at Sauder Village], going home and seeing daddy and my friends, the baseball game, L giving me a best friends necklace, my sleepover with P, visiting Aunt Jenny, cake, the [NYC] aquarium, coloring in my new books all afternoon, The Little Princess, The Secret Garden, some vacations, the [Please Touch] museum, my room at home

T - pink sheet, my family, dollies, Aidan, the pool, vacations, Hannah Banana

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