Things to Read - Favorite Kids' Books VI

I've decided to let the kids take over the review process. After all they're the experts, I'm just along for the ride. All the books listed have been on constant rotation lately (i.e. I think I've read each one at least 12 times). For more posts on our favorite kids' books click here. And for my post on children's books for fall click here.

Vampirina Ballerina
[note - This book about a vampire who becomes a ballerina is perfect for Halloween].

P (age 5.5) - I like the pictures and that it's about vampires and ballerinas. It's a really good book, but I'm sick of reading it now. We've read it about 1000 times [note - more like 35, but I agree that we've read it a lot].

F (age 7) - I like that she's different and she doesn't give up. She practices and practices. Big thumbs up.

The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy

[note - This is possibly my favorite chidren's book ever, which is all about trying to include younger siblings in games - I especially love when Bumblee Boys' brother, Owen, calls himself "a soup hero too." For about a week, T made me read this book over and over again, day after day.]

T (age 3)- I like that he gets all the bad guys and I like his brother. It an awesome book!

P (age 5.5) - I like the Ladybug Girl books more, because she's a girl. Bumblee Boy is too boy-ee.

Black and White

T (age 3) - I like finding the robber and my favorite part is the newspaper costumes.

P (age 5.5) - I like when they're watching TV and the grown-ups come home in costumes. Usually reading one story is easier than four [stories on the same page], but I like how everything comes together.

F (age 7) - I really like that the stories are all combined.

Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)

T (age 3) - I like when the police come and tell the palace guards [about the floating princess] and I like the pages where she floats. I really like when she floats with balloons.

P (age 5.5) - I love this book, she has so much fun. But I think the love part with Boy is disgusting [note - there's not much of a love part, they just become friends]. My favorite part is when she floats with balloons and the balloon man lets go of her.

The House in the Night

[note - This is based on an old fairy tale with very simple words and pictures; T really likes it, whereas P does not]

T (age 3) - I like the pictures and the story, especially the yellow in the pictures.

P (age 5.5) - I like the pictures but I don't like that they don't look life-like. And I don't "get" it.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

T (age 3) - I like the penguin and that everyone sleeps in the end. I think it's silly that all the animals ride a bus.

P (age 5.5) - Why does the penguin wear socks? I think it's funny and silly but a little bit boring when he takes a nap. I think Amos should count when he plays hide and seek.

The Insomniacs

F (age 7) - I liked that they're different from everyone else, but they're not different from nocturnal animals. I also like the pictures a lot.

Song for a Princess

P (age 5.5) - This is a good book because everyone said no and the bird tried anyways and the bird made the princess happy. I liked all the words everywhere.

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