Places to Go (Vacation) - Spring Break in Philadelphia, Part 1 - The Magic Gardens


This year, for spring break, my mom came to town, so we packed up the kids and spent a few nights in Philadelphia. Philly is one of those places that I've planned on visiting for years, but somehow way leads to way and we never seem to make it there. Thus, I was really excited to see some of Philly's off-the-beaten path tourist attractions that I learned of years ago. First stop - The Magic Gardens, which just looked too crazy/awesome/quirky/odd to pass up. Unfortunately, the kids were not thrilled, "mom, why are you always taking us to random gardens?" (In my defense, despite the fact that the kids rarely want to visit gardens, once inside they rarely want to leave. I think the problem rest in the lack of "cool" that gardens bring to the 10 and under crowd. Nobody wants to go to 1st grade bragging about "awesome gardens.").

Anyways, this place was incredible. Seriously, I've never seen anything quite like it. Apparently, this mosaic-tiled wonderland is all the product of a man named Isaiah Zagar who spent 14 years converting the lot next to his studio into the multi-layered space, full of tunnels and grottos. If you're interested in visiting, admission costs $7 for adults and $3 for children aged 6-12. Click here for hours and other information.


Zagar bespeckled the house's interior as well. Plus an art exhibition showcased work from different local artists.


After the gardens, we drove over to Philly's Please Touch Museum (previously posted here), where the girls proclaimed themselves "really really bored" after about thirty minutes. T on the other hand, asked if we could stay "forever" as he shoveled rubber coal into a fake railroad car over and over again. He then proceeded to drive every truck in sight, though beware, the line for bus drivers can become rather vicious.

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