Places to Go (Vacation) - Spring Break in Philadelphia, Part 2 - Morris Arboretum


As you have probably realized by now, I love an arboretum. I've wanted to visit Morris Arb for years, ever since I learned of their tree adventure, where you can lay on roped netting and stare down at the ground below. Unfortunately, the kids hesitated when faced with a day spent relaxing in a net. Luckily, we visited just in time to check out the "big bugs" exhibit, as large statutes of insects dominated the gardens. In addition to entomology lessons, the arboretum offered plenty for children to do - in between running and statue exploring, we explored an old log cabin and a spring house. Further, the "passport to tree adventure" activity booklet gave the children pages of things to look for and learn about (perhaps TOO many things, but that's another story).

Anyways, a gorgeous place to meander on a spring day (despite the fact that spring seems to be taking ever to really arrive). Unlike most arboretums, Morris isn't cheap - $16 for adults and $7 for children 3-17 years old. Click here for hours and additional information.


The tree adventure = the perfect opportunity to pretend you're a squirrel.


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