Things to Do - Grateful List (March 2013)

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Even during bad months, good things happen . . .

* Reading Arcadia
* Reading Ruth Ginsburg's profile in the New Yorker (March 11)
* Reading Tenth of December: Stories
* Reading The Sense of an Ending
* Reading The Trouble Begins: A Box of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-3 (The Bad Beginning; The Reptile Room; The Wide Window)
* F reading Anne of Green Gables
* Watching Parks and Recreation Season 2 on Netflix (hysterical, I love this show)
* Watching Sheryl Sandberg's TED talk
* Watching Janeane Garofalo's live stand up at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse

* Jicama, mango, and cucumber salad (from the The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery
* Lentil stew with spinach and red potatos, thank you Allegra! (from The Pink Ribbon Diet: A Revolutionary New Weight Loss Plan to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk)
* Dan's tumeric hummus
* Pimm's cups at William Jeffrey's Tavern
* Roasted vegetable and farro salad (from the Washington Post)
* Spinach gorgonzola pasta (from The Pink Ribbon Diet: A Revolutionary New Weight Loss Plan to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk)

* Winter at the National Zoo
* The Washington Youth Garden's Nature Playspace in the National Arboretum (Washington DC)
* Dumbarton Oaks (Washington DC)
* A beautiful morning at Clemyjontri park with friends
* T at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, "i don't think he's working, I think he's standing. Because if he was working he'd have a computer."

VACATION (Philadelphia & Charlottesville)
* A weekend away at the Clifton Inn
* The Magic Gardens (seriously magical!!)
* Free breakfast and dinner at the hotel (plus T "swimming" in the pool); a wonderful vacation with my mom
* Hotel room burpee contests (P did 183 burpees in 10 minutes, how is that even possible?)
* Big Bugs at the Morris Arboretum


* Our new basement playroom (more on this in upcoming posts . . .)

* F and P staying up past bedtime reading books to each other
* Watching Coco run
* me - "being pretty on the outside doesn't matter, as long as you're pretty on the inside"; P - "well, unless it's for a photoshoot or wedding, then only the outside matters"
* Playgrouping until midnight at Allegra's house (thank you!!)
* "I'm going to draw pictures of my happy thoughts so I won't forget them" - P
* T coming home from a playdate and asking "mom, how could you go to the grocery store without me?"
* P on the LON basement makeover, "I just think our house is really cute now, don't you, F?"
* T always unloading the groceries for me
* The memorial service of a wonderful neighbor who died of brain cancer this month, so so sad but also so amazing to think of how large of an impact one person can have in a relatively short life
* P's obsession with fractions; F's obsession with poetry
* T singing "This is the day the Lorax came" over and over (a song he "learned" from the pastor at his preschool). When Dan inquired "are you sure it's not This is the day the Lord has made?" T replied "um, no dad, I'm pretty sure it's the Lorax."
* Playing Dominion Prosperity and Intrigue
* "I'm glad I don't have everything I want, life would be boring without anything to wish for" - P
* Our "whole family" for Easter dinner and watching the kids and their cousins scramble like crazy for easter eggs


F - art, books, school, my family, that we have a nice house to live in and food to eat, early release days, Lemony Snickett, spring, nature, Grandma T visiting, planning vacations, Cybil Lily, "an excellent day, so excellent I can't even describe it", easter, Coco, all my grandparents

P - my family, going to Menchie's, the new Utopian girl in my class [Ethiopian], dollies, our new playroom, playdates with L, going to Dumbarton Oaks, early release, cartwheels, doing gymnastics on the playground, sleeping over at E's house, my cousins, Grandpa and Grandma M, Grandma T visiting, the hotel swimming pool, Philadelphia, daddy's leg healing, vacation

T - Grandma T visiting, the hotel pool, going on vacation with grandma, Natalia, daddy being home, police, trucks, that we go to the big playground [Clemyjontri], playing with my friends, meeting spiderman, school, my cousins

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