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In case you have a case of the Mondays, here are some links to brighten your day . . .

* Nick van Woert's studio. Coolness.

* Buy art for charity. I love several of these beautiful prints.

* We're currently making our way through Parks and Rec on Netflix (that show is hysterical) and I'm a little (okay a lot) obsessed with Amy Poehler right now. Poehler's youtube channel for "smart girls" took my obsession to a whole new level.

* Zammaan - crowd sourced family photos from the middle east. Change your perspective.

* An Amazon warehouse - these pictures are worth seeing just for the space alone (miles and miles of books), employees walk between between 7 and 15 miles as part of their daily shift. But the actual info is quite depressing - “The feedback we’re getting is [working in the Amazon warehouse is] like being in a slave camp,” said Brian Garner, the centre’s dapper chairman.

* How to be alone.

* Loving these pictures of a train ride (with kids) in India.

* Test Your Creativity: 5 Classic Creative Challenges. I need to work on this.

* Kids were here.

* Oh Gweneth, how we love to hate you. (yet i'm still on the library waitlist to check out your newest cookbook).

* 10 fascinating TED talks by contemporary artists. Of course, I haven't listened to any of them yet. But I plan on it. Soon.

* 30 easy color ideas for every room of your home.

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  1. Thanks for the links! Loved the creativity tests and the pictures from the train ride in India!



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